Difficulties and Expenses

hipaaStaying compliant in a fast moving world can be expensive and really hard to implement the latest technology requirements. This is because the patient information security is growing more complicated. There have been a lot of data breaches since 2009 and many patients have been affected by HIPAA violations. The statistics show that the people affected may be millions in number .

There are companies who in one way or another violate the HIPAA and have to pay fines that range from 100 dollars to 50,000 dollars depending on the scale of the mistake. When the patients know about the HIPAA breach by the healthcare providers, they will break their trust and look for other alternatives. The sad thing about these breaches is that it affects organizations that are budding or struggling to survive. Carelessness by their doctors or nurses can cost them dearly even leading to their closure. These small scale institutions are also at high risks.

It is hard to keep track of electronic communication in the institutions or custom medical mobile app for your practice. The patients and staff in a hospital can get mobile devices and on using them, they do not know when they are breaching or breaking the HIPAA rules that have been put. This inside threat from employees is also difficult to contain.

Doctors also need to be aware of the time to update their security risk analysis. Many are not aware of this requirement that should be followed. This point is important and if it is not taken into account will lead to meaningless audits.

Benefits of Using the HIPAA

This primary messaging application has had benefits to the healthcare sector. The patients now have secure information kept between only them and the doctors. The sensitive data is also compliant with the HIPAA regulations. Along with this also come additional benefits like;

• The healthcare professionals can communicate amongst themselves using devices in the institutions like computers.

hipaa1234• There is the elimination of the need to follow up emails and calls because there are notifications for the delivery of secure messages and read up information showing the sender when it was read.

• Message recall, message lifespan and remote wipe help in removing threat of patient data in case the phone is stolen or is lost. Patient’s privacy is crucial here for any organization.

• Integration of applications that are for secure messaging allows the heads of organizations to manage accessibility settings. The people who are allowed to use the apps are able to find the other colleagues online and are able to communicate among themselves without involving junior employees. Critical communications will be kept secure at the end of it.

• Automatically produced audit information and logs will help the administrators speed up the risk management analysis and in the end ensure that the policies relating the HIPAA messaging adoption and execution are followed to the latter.

Generally, the HIPAA application will safeguard the integrity of the ePHI, increase the productivity of workers, saves time, enhance workflow and improves the quality of service provision in the healthcare organizations. Some can argue that it also is cost effective.