hipaaThe HIPAA compliant messaging is a technology whereby the healthcare organizations and shareholders can safeguard and protect their critical data, medical mobile app and information using the electronic protected health information platform (ePHI). Sensitive patient information is facilitated while a smooth flow of the data is ensured between the authorized persons to avoid access by intruders and eavesdroppers.

This kind of platform has secure messaging solutions. Administrators of the system monitor the safety and make encrypted ePHI for the users. They make sure that the site and product are compliant with the HIPAA regulations that are given to them to abide by. The sensitive information is therefore well protected at all times. Communications are very safe and the industry regulations are taken into account when using the HIPAA.

With the above praise of the application comes challenges too that need to be put across. The partnerships between the innovate companies and the healthcare organizations give new mobile services that may have the organizations spending more in technology. This ends up causing imbalances in their funding and finances. To some extent, it reduces the creative might that technology can have on the health sector. Other hurdles faced by the technologies are;

• Nonclear guidance by shareholders. The organizations are going to implement controls and securities that are going to be useless to the sector. It does not focus on the relevant ideals that should be dealt with first.

• Non-defined user behavior. Providers and users/ patients use unsecured personal devices when accessing data. Electronic patient records, when gone through using some devices, can cause damage or at times intrusion.

hipaa compliance• There are no enough tools to serve the entire population. The HIPAA security application was created to serve everyone. The National Institute of Standards and Technology created something that is somewhat expensive. Most organizations cannot use it and the one that is able to use, have consultants that are dear.

• Accountability requirements involve long chains. The organizations are put into task to explain the actions of their partners, and they will have to approach contract negotiators with potential business associates and the associates will refuse to cooperate in normal circumstances. It leads to failure of many potential deals. The government will need to review this.

The new and changing technologies will have to be reviewed again. They have to make sure that the measures catch up with the innovations without giving hurdles to the users.